We charge the following rates:

One hour                    €     190,=
Each extending hour    €     180,=
Booking of 3 hour        €     500,=

There are additional costs of transportation outside of Haarlem.
We accept cash and pin payments

Haarlem Exclusief

Baan 17
2012 DB  Haarlem
www.haarlem-exclusief.nl   info@haarlem-exclusief.nl

Sexclub Penthouse

We are open from 7 pm as a club. For more info please call us at:
seksclubpenthouse.nl    info@seksclubpenthouse.nl

Penthouse Prive

We are open from 11 am - 7 pm as a Private house. For more information please call us at 023-5260733.
You will not meet other visitors, so we can garanty your privacy.
www.penthouseprive.nl    info@penthouseprive.nl